Women & Weight Training Myths!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

  • "Squats are bad for my knees"..... No actually they're not when executed with correct form. Invest in a recognised and well known trainer.

  • "It will make me bulky!"..... Body shape changing is what happens. (Not to mention women don't have enough testosterone to build bigger muscles). Your muscles are working, which is helping your body fat to drop. Boom you have a leaner body, not a bulky one!!

  • "Bodyweight exercises are of no use".... So that depends on how your training. For example if your training slow eccentric movements such as a single leg bulgarian split squat that will target your core, and ankle stability as well as strengthen the muscle. Whereas high intensity jumping around like a crazy person will get your heart rate going yes but strength wise its not going to help. next point elaborates more.

  • "High Intensity is so good at fat burning because I sweat".... Nope wrong, your sweating because you haven't stopped in between your 10 sets of 10 rep burpees with active rest of jumping jacks!! (eye roll). Not that I have anything against it because again its movement :) However if you really want to burn fat and gain shape start weight training, it'll get you results quicker beside a balanced diet.

  • "I shouldn't eat after 7pm".... Kiss my ass, so your telling me if you have been working from 7am to 5pm (with only a 45 -60min break), gone and collected the kids from school and done homework and house work, brought the dog to the vet and had a very busy day, then train 7-8pm that you wont eat food after putting your body through stress of work/homelife and then a training session??!!!! Bad idea, your body needs food to grow, and for energy.

Hope you all enjoyed this and if you've any questions or queries give me a shout.

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