Keeping a training journal

You have that goal in mind of what you want to achieve, so with gyms reopened here finally lets chat about keeping a little journal! Be mindful of what you can record also, info such as training time (am/pm), sets, reps, training cycle, menstrual cycle, personal bests and milestones. So here's why you should just do it rather than consider it.

  • You can see progress so much quicker in strength especially when you record weights, thus helping you get towards your goal with a lot more ease!

  • It helps determine how well a training cycle is working for you, especially if it's your own program it's self knowledge. Your training cycle needs to work around your sport, for example off season will be a different cycle than in season

  • Self motivation and discipline, which will lead to an increase in your confidence

  • Understanding what works for your body

  • Your session is planned ahead and you can reflect on it better afterwards

  • It keeps you on track constantly so you won't be cheating on yourself

  • It will make you feel more consistent and grateful that you have done it, whether or not you have had a busy day!

  • Writing down how you feel inside is always a good thing to consider as well, things like this can be easily shown in progression of a training program.

  • Tracking your menstrual cycle is vital also, hormones change, mindset can change and this can all affect your training session.

  • Training times can vary so keeping a logging routine on this can show when you may be stronger or more energetic at a certain time

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