Health Apps... help or hinder you?

  • Everyone is so different when it comes to apps that they use for various health tracking

  • My own personal experience I love most of the ones I have used. Granted I still feel like I need to broaden my horizons on some areas of health more with apps.

  • Lets start with one of (if not) the most popular My Fitness Pal! As a coach I think its great to be able to keep up with some clients food intake. Now within reason and depending on the client I don't get everyone to track through this as it can be messy for someone who can find it easier writing stuff down. Features that tickle me fancy on it.. the breakdown of the macros, the accuracy of majority of foods, the barcode scanner, and saving meals.

  • Another one that I love is FitrWoman. One of the easiest period trackers there is. Check it out. There is so much information on it on more that just your menstrual cycle info! I find it quite reliable in regards to timing

  • I have the Apple watch and I have to say that I'm appreciating how much I enjoy the Sleep++ app that works alongside it! although to be fair most trackers nowadays track sleep! It’s one thing I religiously check now 😁😂

  • Now do you find apps helpful or do they feel like extra stress? Everyone is different just ensure that you do you and find an app that works for you! Don’t feel under pressure because someone told you it’s great. Make your own mind up 😁

  • Theres lots of apps nowadays that can help in regards to mental health and stress, that for me can have a huge positive impact on people in general! You don’t have to be stressed or agitated to use one of these! I tried out calm for a while and was impressed with it! But again there are more out there.

  • The other side to this is, that there are also apps that I didn’t find helpful, which I found quite stressful or unreliable. I’m not going to name these for obvious reasons but apart from that I hope you find this helpful.

As always I appreciate any feedback and interested to hear any stories or apps that you may have that I can add on to this ❤️😁 share if it helps out in anyway at all 💚

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