Falling for the “Seasonal Package”

This is the time for all the "Seasonal Challenges" to start. It’s so easy to get sucked into... the false promises! This solely relies on your open mind on the information given.

  • You’ve got to be consistent in your training and nutrition before hand

  • You can’t go in and expect “miracles”

  • You have to put the work in and have an understanding of what you‘ve signed up for.

  • Is the challenge to fit into a dress, drop a dress size, get stronger, get leaner? do you even know? Has it been explained properly? Be wary of all of this.

  • Are you going to stay consistent at this type of challenge when it‘s finished or is it even realistic?

  • Are you only signing up for a quick fix?

  • Lets be realistic.... these challenges don’t think of the client themselves, it’s a quick way for them to earn some dolla!

  • If you choose to do a transformation package or challenge, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

  • Keep a track of how your doing training wise, like a diary. This will make it easier mentally for you when you start to feel drained. Seeing results like that on paper can give you the motivation to keep going.

  • Don’t get sucked into nutrition unless it’s coming from an expert! If you have any doubts or food has been cut drastically then time to get outta there!

  • Lastly think of yourself! Are you putting extra pressure on yourself by signing up to this? It’s a lifestyle change you need to look at! Not a 4,6,8 whatever many weeks it is! Work and train smarter not harder! If you want to learn more don't be afraid to get in touch :)

That’s it lads and lassies, hope this helps a bit.

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