Depending on the Person pt3

The last of this blog series, and it is based on recovery.

  • 1.But what is recovery first of all?

  • 2.Do I really need to take a day away from training?

  • 3.Do I need to invest in a massage gun?

  • 4.Do I need to just take 30-60 secs rest between each set?

  • 5.Do I need to drink a protein shake straight after a training session?

  • 1.Recovery.. So depending on the person recovery can be a range of things, from hiking to lying up in front of the tv, from swimming, to just taking time to breathe.

  • 2.Taking a day away from training certainly doesn't take any hurt now and again. Yes everyone needs a day off, but this depends on what you describe as training. If its just a walk everyday then no, you don't technically need a day off (depending if there is an injury, etc). Now, if you're training with a specific goal of fat loss and muscle gain and are following an intense program to get there, then yes you need to recover! Muscle needs time to recover and in that time it will grow and create shape.

  • 3.Ok, so unless your heading into prep for a comp or advised by a physio/coach/sports therapist to use it then no. They are a fantastic piece of equipment and it has helped me personally, and tied me over until I got further physio help! However, this does not prevent tightness/pain from happening again, it may relieve it for a while but DOES NOT cure you. Just do some regular mobility lads and lassies!

  • 4.This depends on how that persons body is feeling, not to mention the type of training cycle they are in. For example; if I train at 80% of my 1RM on squat for 4 sets of 10reps (heavy training cycle), compared to training at 50% of my 1RM for 3 sets of 8, then I won't need as much recovery for the 50% session as my body won't be feeling as "fried" as it would be on the 80% session.

  • 5.Protein shakes- This depends on a couple of things, how heavy is the persons training session? Does the person normally drink shakes to increase their protein intake? Are they actually aware of why they would need a protein shake? Do they receive enough protein in their diet via food? Ask yourself these before jumping on the "gains" bandwagon. If you have enough protein intake in your food diet, then no you don't need a shake. If you find it tough to get your protein intake up to what it should be with food, then yes a protein shake is necessary. Whether you take it before, during or after your training session is personal preference.

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