Depending on the person pt2

This is part 2 of depending on the person. This time it's based on the nutrition aspect.

  • Do I cut out eating after 7pm?

  • Do I count my calories or macros?

  • Should I invest in a dietician/nutritionist?

  • Should I stop eating bread?

  • Eating before 7pm was quite popular a couple of years back when Intermittent Fasting (a food/meal timing schedule) seemed to be the big thing. There’s nothing wrong with Intermittent fasting, under the right advice! This depends again on what the person is wanting to achieve. Has the person tried a balanced diet before? If not then don’t start with something like this. How busy has that persons day been? Have they been going without food for a period of hours? Did they just endure a gruelling training session at 6pm?

  • Counting calories and macros can be a big mind f**k for the general population. This decision depends on what all the person has tried in the past, have they tried a balanced diet? What works for some people may not work for others. I do recommend experimenting with this to see for yourself what its like, however, if your finding it too much, always refer to a nutritionist. Coming from a competitive background in Strongwoman this worked for me but with help from a nutritionist.

  • To invest in a dietician or nutritionist really depends on the persons relationship with food. If the person is struggling with what to eat and has tried the balanced diet then yes of course try a nutritionist. If the person has food addiction yes try a nutritionist. If the person is confused/scared/upset about food then yes try a nutritionist. See where we are here?

  • Lastly unless you suffer an allergy from certain foods, do not dismiss it from your diet! Now this does not mean that you go and feast on bread, for fear the world will end! Again balance plays the biggest part!

There is one more part of this series to go and it's based on recovery. Once again take into account all the different aspects of the persons lifestyle. If you found this helpful or if you think it may be helpful to someone else then by all means give it a share.

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