Depending on the person

This months Bulletpoint Blog is based on the training aspect of "Depending on the person". You'll hear every trainer use this.

  • Do I train free weights or do I concentrate more on cardio?... Depending on the person

  • Do I train hypertrophy or strength?.... Depending on the person

  • Do I train to complete exhaustion?.... Depending on the person.... (See where I'm going here??)

  • I have an injury, what am I going to train?.... Depending on the person

  • But why does it depend on the person??.... The person has a specific goal. (side note, Believe it or not but they may not even be aware that they have a goal yet). Some people want to be fitter, some people want to lose fat, some people want to be stronger. All of these goals depend on if that person has been injured, is post/prenatal, is suffering from anxiety, is ready to commit to make change.

  • To figure out how to train smart and train specific for the person, then goals need to be set. If the person is you then sit back and think about what you really want. You need to figure out, depending on your body and yourself how it will affect your goal.

  • Honestly to me a mix of both cardio and free weights when your starting out on a fat loss or fitness journey is a nice way to reel yourself in ;) If you have a goal set that you want to be fitter then get more steps up, go for that extra walk, hell even make it a run! Depending what your goal/body/fitness levels are like it all changes.

  • Hypertrophy, NOBODY MOVE, its a scientific term for muscle building. :) Again if the person is looking to gain strength then train for strength. However hypertrophy can also be used in programming when training for strength :) Again all training phases/methods depend on what the person wants to achieve. Are you really going to train hypertrophy or train at all if rest has been recommended? Depending on the person!!!

  • Training to complete exhaustion can be done of course, however it is more suited to people who just want to fry their CNS (Central Nervous System). It reminds me a little of crazy training like I personally used to be at. Honestly if you train correctly to get to your end goal there are some days which you will be left to feel complete exhaustion and not even realise that you did. Depending on the person these exhaustion states will come sooner and some later.

  • If you've had or still have an injury, then really concentrate on what you want to achieve. Are you physically able to train? How bad is the injury? Have you been to physio? These are all things that need to be considered again depending on the person, the recovery of the person, the mindset of the person.

Not only does it depend on the person but other depending things need to be understood.... environment, background, health, work, nutrition, family. Lots of things to think about.

Give it a like or a share if it has helped at all. Keep an eye out for the remainder of these "Depending on the person" series of blogs. 2 more to come :)

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