Beginning Strongman

Starting off strongman can be a very daunting thought for some and very exciting for others. Keep these points in mind when thinking about it.

  • If you have a keen interest and don't know how or where to start invest in a coach! it's by far one of the best things you will ever do!

  • You don't need all of the strongman equipment or implements when you start off. If you find the right coach they will be able to substitute your event training using standard gym equipment.

  • There are a few events that you can train for without even stepping foot in a gym (although a farm may come in handy) - 1.Truck pull - get an old tyre, tie a rope around it and drag or pull, even a car/ van if you have other hands to spare 2. Sandbags and atlas stones- get a bag of coal, a stone, even a keg or something similar (that won't be easy torn or broke) and pick it up, run with it or find a gate to throw it over. 3. Fingals finger- find an old telegraph pole/ tree trunk that you might be thinking of using to keep the fire going!

  • However just because you can do event training easy enough at home not in the gym, does not mean that you skip gym sessions!

  • As a beginner you still need to build a base of strength, speed and endurance first before anything!

  • Do your research and find if there is a gym/coach near you that can help you to start strongman. I had to do a good bit of traveling around when I started off first, and was very grateful to all who helped me out. Trust me they were glad to see me too as it wasn't very common that people came from afar to use the equipment!

  • If you’re planning on programming yourself and not investing in a coach then don't be a douchebag and just train heavy constantly! Remember to break things down, remember your warm up, and your activation! If your suffering a previous injury and you‘re not a physio then get on your bike and sort that out!

  • Pick a competition and have that as your set date to work towards.

Let me know if this helps any of you out and share it if you like!

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